Residents of the most modern and luxurious apartment communities live such comfortable and convenient lives that even mansion dwellers could be forgiven for envying them. As innovations in construction and technology are incorporated into newly constructed and renovated buildings, the bar on what apartment hunters can reasonably expect from the communities they consider rises. Here are a few rewarding amenities we’re seeing more and more in new apartment communities.


Smart Technology

The field of home automation is bustling with innovation and development, and it’s not just homeowners who covet this technology. Dozens of smart gadgets, as well as home automation control systems, can be installed manually in your apartment. Smart thermostats are the first smart device to appear en masse in new apartment communities. We’re on the lookout for more smart technology, including washers and dryers.


Package Delivery Lockers

One popular apartment amenity that benefits both management staff and tenants is the electronic package delivery system. The solution to virtually all package-related woes, electronic delivery lockers eliminate the need for management staff to act as middlemen between delivery couriers and package recipients. They also enable residents to securely retrieve their packages 24/7. Parcel Pending, a total package management solution provider, offers pricing and revenue-sharing options that make investing in the equipment and technology affordable.


Resort-Style Pools

The growth of “resort-style living” communities for apartment dwellers and retirees has been one of the most popular multifamily residential trends over the past few years. One resort-style amenity that almost every apartment hunter in the North Texas area seeks is a lavish community swimming pool. Features such as a built-in sun shelf and poolside cabanas make a multifamily residential community stand out against one with a run-of-the-mill pool.


Fancy Gyms

In order for your community’s fitness center to be a selling point to apartment hunters in the area, it better have long hours and a selection of the latest and greatest exercise equipment. Attachable TVs, yoga and pilates rooms, and 24/7 hours are some of the features that can make prospective residents view your fitness studio a viable alternative to a monthly gym membership.


Pet-Friendly Features

What was once unthinkable for most apartment dwellers now seems almost mainstream. Pet-friendly apartments can be found across the country now, and many communities have amenities designed specifically with pets in mind. Dog parks, pet runs, and grooming facilities can have a magnetic pull on a loving pet owner.

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