If you’re looking to attract more of the 18-35 crowd dominating demand for apartment rentals today, here is some advice.


Go Digital

Millennials are used to being able to do just about everything with the click of a button, and the correlation between an apartment community’s web presence and that community’s popularity with millennials is undeniable. Develop and maintain an attractive web page, make it possible to apply for an apartment and pay rent online, and manage social media accounts for your communities if you want to have a hope of recruiting and retaining more millennial residents.


Champion the Environment

Millennials care about sustainability. They want low-flow plumbing fixtures, compact fluorescent or LED lights, programmable thermostats, and energy-efficient appliances. Show prospective residents that you are a proud steward of environmental sustainability, and your apartment’s appeal to millennials will likely rise.


Focus on Community

Most millennials hardly remember a world without internet, and have carried a mobile phone in their pockets for at least half their lives. Millennials are used to and, in some ways, dependent on virtual communication. But they’re increasingly aware of this dependency, and value in-person community as a result. Pay attention to detail when designing community spaces. Give residents the opportunity to lead and attend yoga and pilates classes in your fitness centers. Host engaging community events. And use your website and social media channels to promote them.


Revamp Amenities

Millennials have the capacity to mystify older generations, but leave no mystery as to what they want. Designer finishes, pet-friendly amenities, bicycle workspace and parking, fully wired communities, and charging outlets with USB ports are a few of the amenities millennials care about. Tailor your amenities to cater to millennials, and millennials will follow.


Younger adults have always constituted a large share of apartment demand, but millennials are even more drawn to apartments than their parents and grandparents were. To capitalize on this trend and make your apartment attractive to the millennial generation who can keep your occupancy rate high, work with a multifamily contractor who is committed to quality and will work to make your vision a reality.



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