Clay Mitchell | Chief Operation Officer

With over 35 years of construction experience and 15 years at Shreve Land, Clay oversees the overall operational performance of the company. Clay’s breadth of experience includes complex construction projects in the commercial, multifamily residential, healthcare, municipal and highway sectors. Clay has always been known as a natural leader and teacher with exceptional abilities in project management, contract negotiations and scheduling acumen to ensure projects will be delivered on time and within budget. Clay is an active participant in Boy Scouts of America and currently serves as the district advancement chairman. Clay holds a Bachelor of Science in Construction from Louisiana Tech University.

The construction trade is a gene in my family passed down on the Mitchell side. It has always come natural to me and is the only type of work I truly enjoy. I take pride in the work I have done and know that with each project I have built, a small part of me and who I am will always be there for future generations.