Having Shreve Land on the job is like having a ‘family member’ on the team. It is comforting to have them covering our back, looking for ways to solve problems, rather than how to protect their interests.

Stewart Aiken - Partner, Aiken Harper Partners, Inc

Shreve Land Constructors, LLC is a financially strong, well-managed company and it is a pleasure to recommend them to you for your consideration. They have an excellent reputation with architects, owners, subcontractors and suppliers and are considered to be one of the finest general contractors in the South.

Stephen L. Cory - President, Cory, Tucker and Larrowe, Inc.

Shreve Land’s commitment to excellence and support of the client’s needs was at the forefront of their delivery method throughout the project. Shreve Land outperformed their responsibility and that effort yielded a tremendous project.

Greg Blais Sr - President, Ambling Companies

The LSU-Alexandria site is clearly indicative of what happens when people care, take pride in what they do and work hard. It creates a strong sense of appreciation to have Shreve Land on the team.

Bob Mills - Chairman, University Housing Services, Inc.